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Strategy, Development, UX/UI

When thinking about the future people tend to just react to trends and focus on what they are missing. I need a website. I need a social media strategy. Can I use blockchain? What is machine learning vs ai?

What individuals need to focus on is value.

Am I delivering value to those receiving it? Do I get value from what I deliver?

Value can be many things. The delivery of that value is important. Technology can be a catalyst in creating momentum in the delivery of value. It’s how Blockbuster got beat out by Netflix. Amazon in retail. Rideshares and taxis.

With over 20 years of experience, I can help deliver insights and research that inform your business to deliver improved value to your customers.

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Executive Competencies:

IT Modernization

Well-versed in the latest applications, software, technologies, and systems driving technological advancement; Designs and implement roadmaps that improve the efficiency and functionality of IT infrastructures.


Effectively drives strategies, processes, and execution within the innovation cycle; Able to Ideate and create digital solutions.


Adept at business & data analysis with the ability to offer deep insights and assessments for prudent and decisive decision-making; Experienced working cross-functionally to achieve goals.

People Management

Motives and inspires individuals to higher-levels of performance and commitment; Able to galvanize teams around a central vision to achieve organizational objectives.


Applies a business and technical lens to organizational problems and assessment; Skilled in human centered design.


Skilled communicator and compelling presenter with the ability to gain buy-in from executive-level stakeholders.